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Services For Charities

Luke Finley Editorial can help you with anything you write: your annual report, your website, funding applications and reports to funders.

My services for charities, social enterprises and voluntary organisations are described below. Many jobs involve a combination of these services; to talk about your own requirements and get a quote, please get in touch via the contact page.



This is a final, careful check through your document to make sure that everything is 100% accurate and consistent.

Anyone can skim over the odd spelling mistake, missing word or misplaced comma. And it’s very hard to proofread your own work. You know what should be there: that’s what you tend to see, instead of what is actually there.

But remember, other people (clients, funders, partner organisations) might not know what should be there. They will notice any gaps or errors.

You’ve probably spell-checked your text. But a computer can’t really understand what you’ve written, so it will never be completely reliable. And it doesn’t know the difference between (for example) ‘now available’ and ‘not available’.

Let me take care of your proofreading for you. You’ll buy yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your text is word-perfect. And you’ll free up your own time to concentrate on the bigger picture – whether that’s supporting your clients, developing new services or raising funds.


This is a more detailed edit, usually done at an earlier stage of writing.

It includes checking your text thoroughly for grammar, spelling and punctuation, and making sure the style and content are clear and consistent. I will highlight any other concerns or queries and suggest ways to address them.

Depending on what you need, copy-editing can also include:

  • making sure references, tables, pictures and other elements are accurate and in the right place
  • checking that hyperlinks are working
  • highlighting possible copyright or libel concerns
  • applying consistent formatting or coding the elements of your text for typesetting


Substantive editing and plain language support

It can be hard to judge how clearly you’ve communicated your message in your own writing. You know your subject and what you’re trying to say: it’s not easy to read your text as if you were someone else, without that inside knowledge.

I can provide that independent eye for detail, as well as extensive, varied writing experience. I can undertake more in-depth editing, restructuring and rewriting to help you make your text clear, readable and well-suited to your target audience.

This could include applying well-established principles of ‘plain English’ to help you get your message across clearly. This involves considering things like layout, length and structure of sentences and paragraphs, and use of jargon or technical language.

Substantive editing could also include checking English language use, for writers using English as a second language or texts that have been translated into English.