Rocky shoreline
Long Sands
Fish Quay
Rocky shoreline
Lighthouse Slide
The Staithes

Image by Graham Soult

Marsden Rock
Blyth Lighthouse

Image by Tanya Hall

Services For Students

If you want your dissertation, thesis or essay proofread or copy-edited, you’ve come to the right place.

Anyone can skim over the odd spelling mistake, missing word or misplaced comma. And it’s hard to proofread your own work. You know what should be there: that’s what you tend to see, instead of what’s actually there.

You’ve probably done a spell-check, but a computer can’t really understand what you’ve written, so it’s not completely reliable. You may have asked a friend to read your work, but there’s no guarantee they’ll know all of the rules and conventions to look out for, and problems may still be missed.

I can carry out a thorough check of your document, making sure the grammar, spelling and punctuation are accurate and the style is appropriate and consistent. I can also make sure that you’ve followed your institution’s referencing style perfectly.

If you’re an international student writing in English as a second or other language, my support will help to give you confidence in your language usage.

By asking Luke Finley Editorial to take care of your proofreading for you, you buy yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your text is word-perfect, with no typos or errors to distract the reader from your content and your argument.

Get in touch via the contact page to talk about your  requirements and get a quote.