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Why is there no price list on this page?

Every job is different.

If your text is in good shape already and you just need a quick, final check for typos, spelling mistakes and misplaced commas, I might be able to proofread more than 3000 words in an hour.

In a more complex, in-depth job, I might only be able to edit 800 words in that time.

And for some tasks (like structural editing or checking a bibliography), the word count doesn’t necessarily determine how long the work takes anyway.

Timescale is also a factor: I can sometimes take on urgent work, but it may cost a little more if it means turning a job around outside normal working hours.

So the fee for a job depends on lots of factors – word count, the complexity of the text, the type and level of intervention you ask for, and how quickly you need it done.


A single rate per 1000 words wouldn’t take account of all of these variables.

Instead, if you contact me for a quote I will ask you for some details so that I know exactly what your needs are. I’ll usually ask to see a sample of the text, so that I can judge the amount of work involved.

I use the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading suggested minimum rates as a rough guide, but this is just a starting point: lots of jobs don’t fit neatly into the categories listed on that page, for a start. I’m always happy to discuss how I’ve calculated your quote and exactly what it includes.

For more information or to get a quote for editorial work, please get in touch via the contact page.